Easy To Fly Drone Remote Control W/Camera Quadcopter Quad-rotor RC

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Easy To Fly Drone Remote Control W/Camera Quadcopter Quad-rotor RC


 High-Speed Aerobatic excitement with this amazing remote control Quadcopter drone. Now with camera! Ultimate Ready-To-Fly Helicopter UFO space machine. This is the way to experience acrobatic flying thrills and high-speed airborne excitement. Buy more than 1 drone and we will send separate operating frequencies for the remote controls so everyone can fly together! Normal flight mode makes it easy for anyone to quickly master hovering and flight just minutes after takeoff. Quad-rotor thrust and 6-axis stabilization combine in Expert Flight Mode for lightning quick response high-speed banking turns flips and snap rolls. Let go of the sticks and the Quadcopter will fly stable. Small size makes it pocket-portable for indoor flight virtually anywhere yet its quad-rotor thrust makes it powerful enough to fly outside. Built-in 0.3MP 720 x 240 resolution camera. The most notable feature of this quadcopter is its size even with a prop-to-prop wingspan of just 5.75" it sill has room for a camera. To record video there is a MicroSD/MicroSDHC memory card slot below the "tail" section that is activated using a button just to the side of the card slot. Blue LED lights built into the rugged body illuminate the way and the included micro LiPo battery delivers plenty of power and recharges quickly. Built for years of flying excitement with available replacement parts and custom option parts. Completely ready-to-fly right down to the included LiPo battery handy USB-powered charger and AAA alkaline batteries. Want more? Buy right now and we will include 1 memory card for free to get started. You can always use your own memory cards as well. 2.4GHz Multi-Mode Transmitter Connected. That is how the new QR-1 feels thanks to the clarity and control of the 2.4GHz Multi-Mode Transmitter. The dual-stick transmitter includes a full complement of tuning features and offers the unbeatable convenience of "no channels no crystals" 2.4GHz technology--and that's just the beginning. Each time the transmitter and RC Quadcopter are powered on the transmitter automatically binds to the helicopter. Switching between Normal and Expert mode is as easy pressing a button. A bright LED light provides information on the fly indicating binding status and Normal or Expert mode. Trim adjustments are quick and easy thanks to the LCD screen and digital trim adjustment buttons. LiPo-Power for Maximum Stick Time to maximize flight time and fun. Lithium batteries offer consistent power flight after flight with low weight for high-performance flying. Battery installation is simple; just slide the battery into the rear of the body and plug in for instant airborne excitement. Charger included. Just plug it into a powered USB port plug the batteries into the charger and you're on the way to the next take-off. LEDs keep you informed of the batteries' charge status for no-guess charging. Exciting Aerobatics high thrust low weight and incredibly responsive controls allow you to perform amazing maneuvers with just a flick of the sticks. This awesome remote control Quadcopter aggressively snaps into forward and backward flips and barrel rolls with lightning speed. You can even make banked turns! Now you have the power and responsiveness to match your skills as you become a quad-copter ace. Six-Axis Stabilization sophisticated circuitry piezoelectric gyros and accelerometers give the outstanding stability. Each time you power-on its smart software calibrates the model for stable flight. Yes we carry all spare parts and upgrades just in case. Easy To Fly Remote Control Quadcopter Specifications: Motor (x4) Built-in 0.3MP 720 x 240 resolution camera. Captures 720 x 240 (0.3 MP) video Records to MicroSD and Micro SDHC memory cards (comes with one) Frequency : Multiple 2.4GHz Channels Up To 100 Drones Can Fly Separately With 4 channels Battery: Lithium 3.7V Capacity : 240mAh Flight time : about 10-15 minutes Charging time : 30 minutes Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity Permits super stable flight Lightweight airframe with nice durability USB charging cable allows to charge by computer. Flying indoor / outdoor