Ice Bear Mad Dog Scooter Review And Sale

Ice Bear Mad Dog Scooter Review And Sale

ice bear mad dog review

Yes, this make and model of scooter has a sterling reputation among scooter fans. It's affordable, well-made and designed to be a high-quality clone of the Honda Ruckus. If you want a Ruckus-style ride, without the higher price tag, you'll benefit from this Ice Bear Mad Dog review. It's designed to provide plenty of practical information about these scooters, which comes in three types (Generation I, Generation III and Generation IV). 

Why Choose an Ice Bear Mad Dog Scooter

First off, Ice Bear has a great reputation. It's a respected manufacturer of ATVs and scooters, so you'll find that buying from this company is a wise decision. 

These 50cc, gas-powered and fully street legal scooters come in tons of awesome colors, as well as basic black and basic white, so you'll be able to access a great-looking scooter for as little as $1899.00. The GEN I MADDOG (PMZ50-19) is a snazzy and modern-looking street bike which has one cylinder and a four-stroke engine. It also has a front disc brake and a rear drum brake. At present, this model retails for about $1899.00 (prices may vary based on retailer), so it's the most affordable and basic Mad Dog scooter. 

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If you want a bit more power and performance, choosing a Gen III model may make sense. For example, the GEN III MADDOG(PMZ50-19N) is a hot pick. It retails for about $2100.00 (prices will vary) and there's even a bubblegum pink version for the ladies, or for guys who want something really different. Naturally, more conventional color options are also available. In terms of features, this third generation model features 50cc of power and automatic transmission. It's air-cooled and features a front disc and rear drum brake. 

Those who are interested in the best that Ice Bear makes may prefer to invest in Gen IV models, such as the GEN IV MADDOG 150CC (PMZ150-21), which sells for about $2459.00. Since it has 150cc, it's a lot more powerful and it features some other exciting perks, including an FR disc/RR drum brake and LED lighting, as well as a speedometer which is digital and an aluminum frame. 

ice bear mad dog scooter review and sale

The best way to see all of the Mad Dog scooter models, prices and color options is to visit the official Ice Bear website today. It's loaded with helpful information about these Honda Ruckus clones and their product specifications. As well, the website features a "find a dealer" feature which will allow you to discover the dealership closest to you. Using this feature will make it easier for you to get the scooter that you want. 

Buy a Mad Dog Today 

These scooters are so great for running errands and travelling around town. They are best-selling models and this is why the company keeps bringing out new versions. Now that you know more about Mad Dog scooters, why not buy one today? Doing so will help you to discover the quality, performance and comfort that Mad Dog scooters are known for. As well, you'll find that choosing this scooter allows you to have tons of fun on the road.

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