How to Buy Street Legal ATV's

How to Buy Street Legal ATV's

Street legal ATV’s: what you need to know before buying an Ice Bear.

Street legal ATV’s are a convenient, economical, and fun form of transportation but following some basic steps can ensure you enjoy your street legal ATV for years to come.  First visit your local DMV to apply for a motorcycle license. Then purchase insurance, the cost of which will vary depending on the coverage you get. When you purchase your street legal ATV you’ll receive a title and bill of sale from the dealer. Then you must visit your local DMV for a registration, and they’ll give you a tag.

It’s important that you check on your state’s DMV website to learn about your state’s specific laws regarding driving your street legal ATV.  You are responsible to purchase safety equipment such as helmets, gloves, or riding boots. You must observe all age requirements to ride in your state.


  1. Obtain your motorcycle license. Bring all applicable I.D. to your local DMV.
  2. Purchase insurance.
  3. Obtain your title and bill of sale from the ATV dealer.
  4. Take your title and bill of sale to your local DMV. They will issue you a registration and give you a tag.
  5. Go to your state’s DMV website to learn the specific laws governing riding in your state. It is recommended that you take an ATV safety course.

Here is a link to find the DMV in all 50 states:

Here is a link to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. They provide you with links on state laws and where to take a safety course in your state:

You should be aware that risky behaviors on an ATV can lead to fatalities. According to the site Property Casulaty 360, which provides date from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the following behaviors led to ATV fatalities:

  1. Not wearing a helmet. 87% of those involved in fatal ATV crashes were not wearing a helmet.
  2. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Two-thirds of ATV crashes occur on roads.

To ensure you maximize your enjoyment and protect yourself from a fatality and expensive repairs, take the following steps:

  1. The ATV Safety Institute has a search tool to help find classes in your area. You also can review adult, teen and child safety courses here.
  2. Wear appropriate safety gear.  Buy a helmet certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation and/or the Snell Memorial Foundation. Depending on where you ride, consider gloves, long pants, and boots.
  3. ATVs are designed for interactive riding. The driver must be able to shift his/her weight to deal with terrain and a variety of riding situations – and most are designed for just one rider.  Do not ride with a passenger, or be a passenger, on an ATV.
  4. According to the CPSC33% of fatalities occur on paved roads. The ATV Safety Institue pointed out that off-road ATVs are difficult to control on pavement due to their handling and low-pressure tires; they’re susceptible to roll-overs.
  5. Make sure children under the age of 16 are riding youth ATVs, not adult ATVs
  6. Plus, collisions with street-legal vehicles are a significant risk, so use caution when crossing paved roads.
  7. Don’t operate an ATV while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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